Oi there!

We come from a family of great cooks with equally astonishing appetites.

Unfortunately, as I have been riddled with a debilitating disease called "laziness", exacerbated by excessive amounts of "procrastination" and countless hours over the internet, a number of our well-loved traditional dishes are quickly being forgotten. Unpracticed and without its skilled inventors, they are threatened to remain part of fascinating stories and out of the kitchen.

In an attempt to salvage some - if not all of them, I, along with the occasional help of my accountant/juggernaut brother, will try to re-create the tastes and thrills that molded our childhood. In hopes of not only preserving but also finding our own dishes to hand down to the generation that will come after us.

I am a chef! maybe, maybe not.

We try to push things out of the kitchen and hold a record of 0 kills due to food poisoning. It may be fun, it may not. It's a journey after all, let's hope its filled with yummy goodies along the way.

--Ice and Jan

"kuno" is a Filipino word that means "supposedly", "allegedly", "or so they say"
so I am a chef! kuno

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