7 Places to Get Cheap Brewed Coffee

5:30 AM

I am a coffee-holic. And I hate it when people equate that to expensive sweet coffees or pricey single origin blends. While single origin coffee is a treat for me, let's not forget we have very affordable single origin coffee on our turf; the strong barako, the aromatic benguet, and sagada---all perks from a country that sits on the coffee belt. 

So, good brewed coffee is cheap - if you know where to find them. And to prove that, here are 7 places you can get good coffee for 65php or less.

Serving you a bean-to-cup experience 24/7 for as little as 20php, this is probably the most affordable place to get your caffeine fix. The only downside for me? I loved the beans they had during their drip coffee days where they used coffee makers from Bunn (any body know where they sourced those beans?) Other than that, I can't really complain. It's fast, cheap, and available all day.

At 25php, McDonald's premium roast is a good place to grab a cheap cuppa. My only qualm is that if you order it late in the afternoon, the coffee you'll get has most likely been sitting in the pot for an hour and tends to have a strong bitter taste.

Dunkin Donuts
Medium body, not too acidic. Their coffee alone will cost you 40php for the medium sized cup and 50php for the medium cup. I'm a big fan of the Chocobutternut and coffee combination and that will be around 80php.

Burger King
A serving of hot BK Joe is probably my favorite in the bunch which is most likely why I up the price point to include this one in the list. At 55php, they offer consistent coffee that sings to my preference: earthy, not too acidic, and a little watered down (don't judge me X_X)

I love how many fast food chains have teamed up with automatic coffee makers to provide consistent results. Let's be honest, you can't expect fast food staff to be baristas too (if they do have those skills, they should be paid more to use both in one job). So machine made coffee gets it right most of the time at an affordable 30php

Family Mart
This Japanese-based convenience store serves beans from UCC. An americano costs around 65php, another good brew available 24/7.

Country Style
I think the reason I love breakfast meals so much is that they go well with coffee. A steaming cup plus a Sunriser made from bacon, egg, lettuce and  English muffin - a recipe for productivity. The sandwich comes at about 90php and additional for coffee but if you're just getting the cuppa, you'll only need 50php.

Good coffee, especially in the Philippines need not be expensive. Plus we have some instant ones that are quite alright. What's your favorite cheap coffee fix?

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