How to Kick Start Your 2017 Diet Goals

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So you have drank and eaten to your heart’s content during the holidays. Now you are ready to start crossing off things in your new “new year’s resolution”. Like many of us, losing weight may be part of your close to impossible resolutions for this year.
Whatever your goals are, whether to start an intense weight loss program, slowly shed pounds, or simply ease off your fast food addiction, here are a few things that can help you start and stick to your cause

Clear your fridge from anything unhealthy
Leftover ham. ¾ of the queso de bola that has begun drying out - you need to slather on some butter on that if you want it not to dry out. Fruitcake that nobody really wants to eat but are too polite to throw it out. Brownies. Day old cake. Throw it all out. Give it away to charity, throw a huge leftover party, feed your pets, your neighbor’s pets, your neighbor’s cousin’s pets, doesn’t matter how, but you need to get rid of everything in your fridge that you’re not supposed to eat.

Your pantry must be filled with perishables
Food that easily spoils mean there’s little to no preservative in it. With the exception of dried food, grains, and fermented food, a good rule of thumb when shopping for your kitchen is to stick to fresh items. This can also help you know what is too much for your needs, hopefully helping you avoid food wastage in the long run.

Keep healthy snacks within arms’ reach
Make good food easily accessible. When you’re hungry and cravings start to creep in, it helps to have snacks readily available before you lose what’s left of your self-control and order delivery. Unsalted nuts, dark chocolate, apple chips, baked sweet potato chips, and other quick snacks will go a long way in helping you stick to your regimen.

Stay away from bad company
In this case, it’s them, not you. People who don’t understand why you are doing this or those who think it’s too difficult to not tempt you are bad company. “Just have a taste, live a little”, “minsan lang eh!”, “tomorrow you can start again”, “something this small won’t make a difference”. I learned something important from a body builder friend "when you cheat, you are cheating yourself". You are refraining from eating sugary, unhealthy foods simply because you’ve had them before. You had quite a lot of them. So “a small taste” matters., Stay away from people who do not know how to respect your life decisions. You don’t need that kind of guilt or pressure.  

Make a list of places you can order food from
Eating out can be stressful when many food joints do not cater to your diet’s requirements. I’d say bring baon but let’s be realistic, you can’t always do that. Make a list of food places that offer food that you’re allowed to eat, this way you can still hang out and have lunch or dinner with your non-dieting friends

Find ironclad reasons why you are doing It
My biggest reason to get fit? Scoliosis brings you more pain when you’re overweight. The added pressure and inflexibility add to the pain, giving the illusion of rigor mortis. Even with that as a motivation, I’m not THAT motivated to get fit, I'd rather be grumpy. So I look for other heavier reasons like being agile enough to create a lightsaber fight scene with my brother or getting to look amazing in a jedi/sith robe hoodie thingy.  Write it all down while you are still motivated. Think of it as encouraging words for your future self.

It’s not a list of what to buy or what not to eat but these 6 habits will and can help you stay the course. If you do have any existing illnesses, I highly recommend getting a dietician’s advice. Anyone can be a nutritionist but dieticians spend years learning the science behind providing proper nutrition AND they have to be certified too. I also suggest going for long term healthy and lifestyles instead of get-thin quick regimens – it’s too easy to relapse when you feel too deprived. Good luck this 2017.

-<3 Ice

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