Furikake Days

5:24 AM

I've started writing a few posts a few weeks back but always end up thrashing them. I needed a booster and what better way to do it than to excite my taste buds with a change of cuisine. I dragged my brother to the nearest Japanese grocery and went on a small shopping spree.

Hojicha tea, Tonkatsu sauce, milktea, katsuboshi, and furikake. We need a translator the next time we go back

I wanted something simple but good.

Furikake and rice is an obvious choice. Sprinkle on top of steaming rice, add eggs or whatever leftover you have in the kitchen. I remember when Erika, a good friend gave us a bunch of these. I called it "Budbod ni Kami-Sama!!!" Yes, the exclamations are necessary and is a weak description for the dragon that was summoned after I took my first bite. For something so simple, it truly is magical. Okay I'm getting ahead of myself. Furikake is a dry Japanese seasoning (Thank you Wiki). It usually contains a form of ground dried fish or fish bones and dried seaweed . Others have vegetables, sesame seeds, decorative floral pieces that I'm too sleepy to Google. TL;DR Furikake is umami in a sachet.

Let's make this quick because that is the idea: quick, lazy but delicious meals.

I steamed some rice, cracked an egg, sprinkled some furikake, katsuboshi (bonito flakes), and gari (pickled ginger). That was it. Voila! Itadakimasu!

Because one serving will never be enough.

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