Developing Food Intolerance: The Mark of Adulthood

4:56 AM

I've been putting off adulting, only doing the basics so as to not perish; food, laundry, a little bit of cleaning, paying bills. But now, it has stamped a clear message on my forehead. I, Chef Kuno, am highly likely lactose intolerant. I say highly likely because we haven't done the tests yet but GI said he's positive about it and said I could find out with simple elimination. 

Last month, I had an episode of severe gastritis.That would explain the lack of posts (okay, most of the time it's just me being lazy. For someone who loved food, that was depressing. Now, before you go "you should eat better food“ on me, you should know that many" good" foods make my stomach overproduce acid. Tomatoes, lemons, cherries, oranges, mangosteen, tamarind, dark chocolate, even egg whites. The problem with hyperacidity is that it isn't the same for everyone. So when somebody suggests eating a lot of this food or that food, I am almost always not eager to try it out. Treading with digestive issues require a lot of trial and error. The hard part is that if the suggested food is erroneous, I pay for it. With a lot of pain, gas, and bloating. It is exhausting. For the first time in my life, I didn't want to touch coffee. It was quite frustrating.

But now I'm a little better :)

I can't eat as much cake as I used to or I would like. If I look at it in an optimistic way, I'd have to pick my battles and not waste my time on food that is sub-par. It's taught me to keep learning cuisines and other alternative dishes to add to my list.

I won't bore you with too many details. But we're moving that direction. Better food choices, hopefully a low acid diet (yes, I will need to work with a nutritionist and get an itolerance test), and more fail-safe dishes to keep us warm on lazy nights. That aaaand food while I'm streaming on Twitch. Yes, shameless plug. LoL is a good avenue for rage when I couldn't have coffee.

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