Quick Bite: Breakfast Ciabatta with Egg, Monterey Jack, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Spicy Enoki Mushrooms

2:37 AM

If I am going to be a little bit more honest, this is actually "Grilled cheese, some gifts from our friends from Taiwan and other leftovers in the pantry. Let's hope they taste good."

Since this IS my blog, pretend for one second that we know what we are doing ;)

Luckily for me, some flavors always go well together. Like mushrooms and cheese. Basil and tomatoes. Ay! Margherita!

Last week, my brother had a few friends from Taiwan stay at our place in preparation for the Philippine Flow Fest. It's a long story, probably best left for another blog post but long of the short, they gave us some spicy enoki mushrooms as a gift.

I've no idea what to call you, but I will love you like all my other favorite ingredients

It was a little difficult to catch what it's called and exactly what is in it, but from my tongue's perspective, it's spicy enoki mushrooms in chili oil. A lot of earthiness, possibly roasted. If you know what this is exactly, please let me know.

It is perfect with garlic rice but I wanted to see what other flavors it can go with. Okay, it IS a safe choice, but I was tired, hungry, sleepy (the usual state I'm in without coffee) and I was hoping for something that would highly likely taste good

How to make it?

Make a hollow in the middle of your bread by applying some pressure with your hands. Other people to scoop it out but when I'm sleepy like this, I can trust myself to make the wrong calculations and scoop a hole in the bread.

Add egg, cheese, and mushrooms in ciabatta (or any other bread you have), season with salt and pepper

bake for at least 10 minutes at 175C (or on your pan, I ran out of gas, don't judge me)
The eggs will be a bit runny at this stage, feel free to add 5-10 more minutes if you don't like that.

Top with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

Pretend you did a lot of work.

Hooray breakfast for dinner!

Excuse me, I'm going to do some adulting

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