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Hello from limbo!

In the last few weeks, I've wrestled with my ideas in cooking, the lack of it and the need to create something creative. I've been trying to conjure something extraordinary in my humble kitchen. Something worth sharing, something that was worth reading.

Therein lies the problem, like my blog title suggests, I am just a chef kuno. Someone pretending to be something I'm not. No, I'm not going through depression nor am I trying to solicit praise. I mean it in a realist way. My juliennes suck, my basting skills non-existent, poaching--not too confident, steak? well. what steak? So what do you do when you suck? You practice. When you get the urge to complain, practice more, then share your journey in the hopes that you can inspire someone else to take their first step.

So here are some of the few adventures (and the lessons?) that transpired in the last few months. Yes, I still haven't acquired a wine glass. Sorry.

Chicken Meatball Linguine
Necessity is truly the mother of invention. I had some spare breadcrumbs/panko lying around and this was the perfect excuse to use it. That and pasta's hard to mess up. Still too safe.

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Breakfast Sandwich--well cup technically
When you have a muffin pan and want to cook 6 sandwiches in one go, here's the solution. Add/subtract depending on ingredient stash and laziness level. I like to bake mine at 150C in about 10 minutes to keep the yolk soft and the edges of the bread crisp.

Beef Curry
Curry is awesome. You just need to find which kind you like best.

Chili Crab

Now this, I need to give credit where it is due. BOB CASASOLA! Thank you for helping me put Alicia to sleep. I would not have done it without you. All the screaming, coaxing and politely asking the mud crabs to just keel over and stop staring at us with their beady, judging eyes. After a few hours, we finally started cooking our first Chili Crab! Inspired by my first visit to Singapore, I am still amazed at how sparks fly  when deep, bold flavors merge with light and refreshing spices.

Chocolate Cake Cheesecake?
I don't know how to call you. For Valentines, Chalet wanted to create a three-layered chocolate cake/cheesecake with a dark chocolate ganache. It took us hours, the cake turned out okay but we hated cheesecake for a month because of all the tasting we did.

My First French Macaron
Call it beginner's luck, but that's a foot! Okay, I'll be honest only about 6 out of 20 piped cookies turned out okay and the size wasn't consistent. The batter was crazy-difficult to pipe. I finally understood why these things are so expensive.
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My second French Macaron!
We had dismal results here 4 out of 20.

Senyorita Banana Chocolate Almond Cupcake

The chocolate, almond combo was good. The sad lesson? Senyorita, a small tasty banana variety loses it's delicate flavors when paired with the chocolate batter :( but it's cute yeah?

Caramel Popcorn!

Thomas Joseph is the guy to look for help to solve your kitchen conundrums.
I've never made caramel this way. The subtle zing that the hint of lemon adds is just magical.

Whew! Hungry? I am. Well, I am always hungry.


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