Last Minute Valentine Ideas

7:09 AM

It's a few hours before the chaos that is Valentines will begin. What? You did not make plans for your significant other?

There's nothing more disheartening than getting answers along the lines of "whatever you want", "anything", "I don't know, what do you want" for the question "what do you want to do this Valentines?"

Any other day "let's do what you want" /"eat where you want" is a perfectly acceptable answer. It's cheeky, shows an indecisive part of you that is willing to explore. 

Some would say Valentines is an overcommercialized holiday. OF COURSE IT FUCKING IS! Just like all the other holidays. We celebrate thanksgiving eating bland turkey(Do you even like turkey? I HATE turkey!), buy too many candles for all souls day, horde sweet ham and Edam cheese for Christmas that we don't EVER finish eating. How are overpriced flowers and chocolates any different? 

I'm not saying you need to jump the bandwagon and waltz around with your partner flaunting a bouquet and a huge stuffed toy. But isn't it a good excuse to celebrate love? Celebrate love on normal days and holidays. Why skimp in showing affections just because it's mainstream for the day? 

Vday celebrations need not be grand  or expensive, just well thought of. Not a "whatever" under the guise of spontaneity. Okay, you feeling thoroughly guilty? Great! Now I can help. 

Restaurants and other many public places are out of the question (yes, windowless transient rooms are probably full too). Luckily, there are still options

If you're not getting your paycheck this weekend like me, your wallet is most likely sighing at the idea. You can go for any of these three things in under a thousand.

Watch Dead Pool

Assuming you're over sixteen, this is a good date movie---if you can still get tickets. No, I didn't get paid to say that, but I do want to see more of Ryan Reynolds' behind trapped in a tight suit and other mutants. You don't even have to bring a significant other. Take your mom--no wait, probably not a good idea. Just book online. Now

Source: Dead Pool's Twitter

Serve Take Away Food at Home

If you can't cook or do not have the time to practice, buy take-out meals or food you do not need to cook and plate it nicely at home. Plus points for creativity. Remember to stay away from specialty shops and restaurants.
Nachos and a cream dip 
Cheddar cheese, grapes, chocolate bar and wine. I don't even have proper wine glasses TT_TT

Because a partner that can cook is extremely attractive and your local grocery will not be that crowded. You don't have to spend much, it just has to be made by you. My boyfriend once made me too-strong coffee with too much sugar. It made me smile (hey love :p) Here's a recipe to Shakshuka, Baked Sweet Potatoes or if you want something simpler, an open-faced chicken sandwich

Grilled cheese. Butter, cheese and whatever bread you can find

Hotdog, toast, coffee, fruits. ANYTHING you have will work. srsly. Just don't say IDK
I was going to say something that rhymes with "it's really the effort that counts" but a flying roach zoomed past me and I will now have to go scream for dear life.

Happy weekend!

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