Equipment and Ammo for the Noob

8:46 PM

It has been a bleak few months.

I didn't really make anything noteworthy in the last few months. Just when I thought I was going to settle for oatmeal and milk for the rest of my bland existence, a good friend rang me up to bring some post-holiday cheer. It was a scene straight outta Breaking Bad.

"I have cream cheese for a good price"

So now I have bars of heart-stopping cream cheese at my disposal. I knew I had to up my game as I was bound to get tired of the bagel combo no matter how much I loved it.

Today I was finally able to get myself a small oven and some (some meaning a lot) of ingredients to get me started.

I got myself an Asahi OT-3011 oven toaster. Nothing too fancy but it was enough for what I needed now. At 30 liter capacity, it could fit a whole chicken and heat up until 250 C. Not a bad buy at 3,500php

Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away

I'm a little apprehensive to use the oven as it has been a while. But we will see.

Oh and i scored some vanilla beans to mark the occasion.

BNSB. Bring it. We are battle ready.

Please don't ask me to go anywhere. I'm broke as fuck.

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