Cafe Monsant : Jeju, Coffee, and a Great View

4:27 AM

On our last day in Jeju, my friends decided they wanted to visit a cafe somewhere in the outskirts of Han Dam Dong. The coffee shop belonged to a member of Big Bang.

We arrived a quarter past seven at Han Dam Dong with no concrete instructions on where to go. The cold wind soaking my clothes while we followed the small dot in the GPS that was pinned in water. After a lot of looking, asking and wondering if we had to walk on water, we found the place.

Unfortunately, the café was already closed, but seeing that we came a long way, they offered that we could look inside. My feet rejoiced at the thought of warm floors and a 화장실(restroom).

Check out our restroom-entrance photos;
Kring  outside the restroom entrance

Regh doing the same thing
Me and AM doing the same thing because of peer pressure. LOL
The interior wasn't completely finished, but most of the furniture has already been arranged. An elegant mix of matte black, white and rustic furniture. The wood and stones gave a classy, contemporary feel. Wooden chairs also meant warm butts--I was so happy.

The bar had an assortment of macarons, carrot cake, coconuts(the ones I've tried in Jeju tastes different, but that's another story), and other non-coffee beverages.

After looking around, the owner said we could take photos and offered us some coffee. My heart fluttered at the thought of coffee. They introduced her. She was GDragon's mom.

We all had americano. Their coffee was surprisingly strong compared to the others I've tasted during my entire stay in Korea (apart from the coffee franchises from overseas that was the same everywhere). It was still quite mild from the usual cup I need to function for work. The acidity was mellow and didn't leave a heavy aftertaste in your mouth. Perfect for a cozy afternoon in the province while relishing a well-deserved vacation.

Now I have the slightest idea who GD is (sorry >__<) but if someone offers you hot coffee on a chilly night where the beach breeze stings your already numb hands while wandering in a poorly lit neighborhood, you'd love her.

So, I promise to look GD up--which I'm sure my friends will be very happy to help. Your mom is a warm cup of coffee for someone experiencing her first autumn. And for her, I'm very thankful.

I'm not sure how bad my palette is shot at this weather, and I'm not too confident about my coffee tasting skills. But isn't food about the people  you share it with and the memories you create? And this one definitely tops my first visit in Korea. 감사합니다, 지용의 엄마.

Café Monsant Aewol is currently on soft opening. There is no definite official opening as of the time of writing. It is located at 2546 Aewol-ri, Aewol-up, Jeju-do, South Korea

Whether you're a fan of kpop or not, this place is a definite must-visit. The view by the beach and the huge glass windows promise a breathtaking afternoon with the sunset and an americano in your hands.

How to get there:

Take the 702 bus from the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.

Get off at  Han Dam Dong bus stop.

Walk towardsAewol-ro gil, it's the nearest right turn from the bus stop(you're not crossing the road from this route)

When you see the beach, don't panic, you're almost there.

When you reach a fork in the road

and you see this house, turn right

Keep treading that path and take a left, and another left and voila! (It's fairly easy to find the place at this point, I promise)

If all else fails, ask :)

I'm envious of the daytime photos, but the evening view is just as awesome.

Special thanks to Cams Amparo, Regh Dayao, Kring Punzalan, and AM Carreon for the photos and the great company ;) We need to go back here!

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