Battles and Breakfasts

11:34 AM

Big days call for modest breakfasts.

A friend of mine likes to clean when she's stressed.

I thought long and hard of the things that soothe me when I'm on the edge. Anticlimactic, but yes;

I cook when I'm anxious.

There's something about weilding a sharp object and the hack and slash of slicing that I find meditative.

I colour hair when I'm bored but that's for another day and a different blog.

Perhaps it was my dad rubbing off of me. On big exams, he'd skip the big breakfasts and make me a nice cup of coffee(by nice I mean a HUGE mug).

Today, I'm especially anxious. And without thinking, I was up an about, making a simple breakfast of oats, apples and cinnamon. Tea is today's companion. Didn't want to excite my already excited heart.

1/2 cup whole rolled oats
1/2 apple sliced
Unsalted nuts, about a tbsp
A dash of cinnamon

Cook oats. I have the lazy habit of just adding hot water to oats but I don't like the crushed instant ones. Add the rest of the ingredients. I'd add milk but we're out of stock.

Wish me luck, dear reader. Not sure how you got here, I hope you have a good day.

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