The Art of Belly Dancing By Teacher Jill Ngo

1:05 AM

The belly dancing class I attended was nothing but pure inspiration.

Teacher Jill Ngo allowed us to see that there was more to belly dancing than shaking your booty and showing off your belly.

She spoke of how it was more than a "sexy dance" but the lengthening of limbs, elongating the body to create graceful moves, imitating that of a goddess. I loved how she campaigned about loving what we were given, how that is beautiful, and how we should work to accept and enhance it.

It was an intricate art form that takes years of rigorous training. It was a way of expressing beauty--with a lot of chimes.

I had to admit. It was a bit of an off day. I didn't want to jiggle my fats and oil my already tired tendons, but that's the thing about passion-- it's highly contagious.

All photos are taken by our good friend and belly dancing goddess, Marianne Averilla (thanks! :D)

The class began with some good ol' stretching, to remind my muscles that they are still there. 

The class was capped with a hypnotic performance from three of teacher Jill's students

Teacher Jill holds classes Belly Dance and Zumba classes on Monday's 6pm-7pm at the Footworks Dance Studio. You can check out her Facebook page for more details (and photos of her in action!)

Also for brides-to be (no, not me. Don't ask :p) Teacher Jill has a very exciting Bridal Transformation Package to make sure you are as fab as you can be on your big day.

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