What Will Your Last Meal Be Like?

10:54 PM

For reasons I could no longer remember, it has been an annual ritual for me to write a last will. I didn't have assets or anything of value to give. In a way, there was some release in knowing that nothing I own had been left behind or forgotten.

I stopped when someone important felt it was too morbid. That, and I realized that writing a will that makes your pet dog a benefactor of your old stuff is just plain silly.

I got tired of that, so I decided to get a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy today.

I had a few episodes of gastritis this year and a number of severe hyperacidity-so I really didn't have much of a say in the matter.

The preparation required a day where I was not allowed to consume solid food, then had to completely avoid ingesting anything in the last 8 hours before the procedure.

When the doc said I should eat now, it felt like it was an important job to eat what I love the most so I'd have enough strength to keep myself from eating the next day.

Being the drama queen that I am, I said to myself "If this was my last meal and I could eat anything, keeping in mind a few reasonable limitations like not blowing my entire paycheck, my stomach's capacity, and whatever was in the Glorietta-SM-GB area, what would I eat?"

It took me about an hour of aimlessly walking before I decided on my first meal.

Kaya's 육개장 (Yukgaejang) 

A thick spicy soup with shredded beef, 고사리gosari (bracken fern), bean sprouts and other vegetables. There's something about soup that make everything seem alright. I would have preferred the 8-side dishes but that would mean going out of the mall. meh.

Oddly enough, I just discovered as I was writing this that there are several studies linking bracken or gosari  to colon cancer. While studies remain inconclusive, it would be sound advice to minimize consumption. 

I ate all the paper. hardcore. XD

White Rabbit

Ah, the classic, chewy treat. I can't believe these babies have gotten so expensive--around 50php for 8 pieces. It felt like I needed to pay a huge sum for a trip down memory lane.

Didn't you get a false sense of rebelliousness whenever you ate the paper wrapper? I know I did :p

Carabao's Milk

Albeit a tad more expensive than the normal cow's milk, Some say it is considered as "the most complete food". I drink it because it tastes so much better and doesn't make me bloat as much.

Roasted Chestnuts

This last one is a no brainer. I love chestnuts.

Given the considerably big budget I allowed myself, I was surprised that instead of going for the restaurants I've been meaning to try, or large buffets up for grabs, I opted for a taste of things I loved in the past. Tastes that reminded me of home.

I guess what I'm trying to get to was that, there were too many meals I took for granted because I didn't have the time, money or energy to eat proper food. And forgetting that some of the best pleasures in life, are experienced by your mouth-that sounds a bit wrong but I think Leopold will be proud.

So from this day forward, I pledge to always remember to not just refuel, not just to satiate hunger, but to relish, savor and delight my taste buds.

How about you? What will your last meal be like? Why aren't you eating those more often? 

I meant to write about it for days but my meds are keeping me extremely exhausted (or it's just lazy old me using that as an excuse.)

Since all our birthday plans were foiled, we decided to just head on to Enchanted Kingdom for a day and we won a gorilla. Yay, I guess.

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