How to Deal with Dinner

6:48 PM

So last night, I had this need to eat some hot, decent food that wasn't fastfoody-esque. I had so much trouble deciding because of the following very compelling reasons.

1. The chicken will take too long to thaw. 
2. The fish will take too long to thaw. 
3. Anything frozen in the fridge will take too long to thaw because I didn't want to handle cold stuff. 
4. The canned tuna wasn't frozen. 
5. I live in the 4th floor and I do not have enough energy to descend and climb that flight. 
6. I just couldn't decide. That was really it. 

I eventually settled for tuna salad with some balsamic, only because I didn't have the electrolytes to make honey mustard.
It's not bad, except I just took too long to decide.
Tuna,  cucumbers , apples,  cashews and romaine drizzled with some balsamic

Not that's catastrophic, but if I found this site telling me to just fucking cook the fish,  I probably would have.


There are days when you just don't have any fucks to spare. On those days, this site may just be exactly what you need.

Sad, that I didn't find you last night, but I'll keep you in mind when those days come up again. Thank you kind sir for your work. I will buy the fucking cook book when I get the money.

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