Baked Sweet Potato Topped with Bacon, Cheese and more Cheese

11:24 PM

Alright, there's nothing too innovative about this dish. What I love about it, is how you can cook this while watching a movie or doing chores half heartedly.  I meant with gusto.

I spend most weekday mornings wondering what happened to my weeknight, why it's difficult to fit the things you need to do and manage to squeeze in a good night's sleep.

Being a fan of home cooked meals, I sometimes just substitute dinner with a piece of fruit, icky fast food or I just head to sleep, too tired to even try ingesting anything. It's nothing new, just some of the problems of the newly independent.

Don't get me wrong, I love the freedom of not having to eat when you don't even have the energy to chew without launching into an hour-long debate why dinner should be skipped.

So dishes like these that you can leave while attending to other things are godsend.

Boil sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes, depending on how big they are. You
want them to still be firm enough to hold their shape when you slice it.

Take the bacon out. Frozen makes for easier and more uniform cuts. Smaller pieces are easier to cook too. 
Who has time to thaw anything?

On a non stick pan, fry on medium heat.  I had a small portable stove so I was stirring it while Evil Ex #2 was filming in Toronto.

Assemble! Add more cheese.

Bake! Or not.  It really depends if you still have the time. 

And you wonder how I managed to squeeze a blogpost after all that. 

The answer is simple: overcaffeination.

I have but enough energy to brush my teeth (hopefully), so I bid you good-night and congratulations on surviving Monday.

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