7 Ways to Reinvent Hot Chocolate

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Johnny Depp's character in Chocolat, Roux had good reason to make Hot Chocolate his favorite. For one thing, it cures all ailments, curses, and maladies-plus it helps me replenish my supply of crazy ideas on gray days.

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How do you say no to that?

Today I was feeling a bit down and anti-human for no reason. I'm not contemplating wiping out the entire human race, it's just that today, I like them less than usual.

So I went loco and made some choco. Not just one mug, but 7. Different ways I like my hot chocolate. No, there was no gluttony involved.

First the type of chocolate:
You can use either powdered cocoa,  semi-sweet dark chocolate, or tablea.

Milk (don't tell my doc I'm indulging in dairy)

Sugar or not.

Whipping cream. Because the world is a better place with whipping cream.

How to make it?
Heat 1 cup milk, add 1tbsp cocoa powder or about 2tbsp of dark semi sweet chocolate chips (or more, if you want it thicker) , sugar, stir/melt.

Old school plain and creamy.

Rich thick cocoa, milk, a dash of sugar and a helping of whipped cream. Might help resurrect the child in you.

With vanilla and cinnamon.

Classic flavors that I also like with my coffee. The vanilla complements the richness of the cocoa while cinnamon gives it a pleasant kick. I'm thinking pumpkin spice will work as Halloween treat.

Sexy Chili.

You know how they often say chocolate is an aphrodisiac? Hot cocoa and chili is a stronger version of it. One that makes you instinctively bite your lip, feel your curves and electrifying your skin when it comes into contact with your hand. One that helps you realize how attractive you are.

Okay, this one really is cinnamon. The chili one is the first photo :p

With coffee.

Two beautiful things come together to make a cup of world peace.A former officemate liked to call his version "chofee" instead of mocha. He's rebellious that way.


Who doesn't love Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha? It was one of the reasons I got the yearly planner. A dash of peppermint syrup can be very refreshing to the palate as it counters the thick cocoa.

You can add some coffee in the mix to make your version of PM.

The Ultimate Mug of Happiness.

More chocolate. And not just chocolate but a big helping of Nutella. +14 INT, +8 STR , and +10 Resistance to Idiots.

The Ultimate Mug of Happiness is excellent, but isn't my favorite.

This is

The Greater Mug of Happines. It's your usual TUMG but with a dash of peppermint syrup.

Clearly playing too much Diablo while making hot chocolate isn't a very good idea.

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