6 Tips in Getting Through Phase 1: Eliminating the Unnecessary

12:16 AM

So, have you started the program yet?

Here are a compilation of tips and hacks that I learned when I was going through phase 1 of  the Jun Danganan diet --well, tbh, they were things I remembered AFTER posting. :p

  • Eat whenever you are hungry. 
Bananas are allowed in this phase

Comforting, yes? You can eat even in between the two-hour meal intervals as long as it is in the allowed list of food items.

  • Plain, unsalted, grease-less peanuts and cashews are great in-between snacks

They have been my lifesavers during long commutes or when I go out with friends who are not on the program. The best place to find the plain ones? Baking supply stores.

  • It can be NOT expensive. 

Steamed Kangkong for extra fiber 

What does your 50php budget meal has to say to this? 10php + boiled water + some boiling skill = 1 1/2 meals. Or if you are feeling a little luxurious, this cauliflower and green bean meal cost around 60php. If you eat outside all the time, then yes, it will be expensive.

  • NO MSG. Sorry, non-negotiable.

That includes your all-in-one and sorcery mixes 
Did you know that adding a bit of fish sauce (patis) gives your dishes that same umami (malinamnam) kick? But fish sauce wouldn't be part of your "can-eat" list until phase 4

Is your sweet tooth screaming profanities at you? Shut it up with a bit of lemon water. It worked when the chocoholic in me was begging me to end it's misery.

  • Pack Up a Lot of Will Power

You will be bombarded by different variations of "Just This One Time" or "Minsan Lang Naman eh!". The thing is, you had a lot of 'just this one time's in the past and you will be able to have it on your designated cheat day. That "one-time" during this phase will put to waste your efforts in "eating right this time". I'm a guilty friend in trying to sway friends on a diet. The best answer I received? "Sino pa bang niloko ko pag nag cheat ako? Ako din naman"   (Who am I kidding if I cheat? It'll be me) Okay. sorry :( That answer inspired me to soldier on on days where I wanted to hit somebody with an electric fan. 

I hope that helps. By the way, thank you. I was surprised by the amount of views on the previous post. I'm not sure if it's because of the muscular coach in the cover photo or you really want to lose weight. Meh, who cares? Enjoy!

And as promised, here is one of my cheat snacks whenever I'm feeling a little low on sugar

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