How to Survive the First Month of Your Diet

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Your neighbor's grass tastes the same. Mine does  too
It's day #39 since my low carb, high protein diet plan began. I am happy to report that I am still alive. Well, barely.The past five weeks have been a violent roller coaster ride. So far, I managed to NOT maul anyone and settle for the low threatening growl or menacing looks. And as a bonus, I've actually managed to lose some weight!

You see, I'm like you.

I tried to get in shape many times but work, school and laziness have always come in the way. Like many new year's resolutions, the need to shape up, get toned or get healthy is put in the back burner for the longest time to make way for other priorities.

I'm not sure how far or how long I'll go this time, but here 8 things that helped me survive the program. I'm sharing it in hopes that it could also help you;

Create Insoluble Reasons for Going on Diet

It may be a perfectly valid health reason, or something as narcissistic as "I want to be pretty". It doesn't matter. Craft many reasons and own it. Make sure you have at least one cannot reason against it.

Tip: it doesn't have to be logical, just compelling

I actually told myself  "health reasons? HAH! we all die according to this statistic! Why bother?" So i took a different reason I could not go against:

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Okay, I lose. Let's keep going

Diet Plan Loyalty Goes A Long Way 

There are about a bajillion diet plans out there, each one claiming to be better than the rest. I do not doubt their efficiency and how they've worked miracles for others. But all together? They won't. Consult a professional for a get fit plan and practice some monogamy with it -- or at least finish the program before jumping to another. 

Creativity goes a long way when you have limited options

Water Infusions Will Get You By 

Remember that posh restaurant serving lemon water? It was refreshing right? (and it probably helped justify their overly priced menu. )

Water Infusions are my life savers. 
When you are intensely craving for the usual sugar buzz, I help myself to a lemon-mint, pandan or a lemongrass infused water. When you begin to taste the sweetness of the mint, you now have improved your sense of taste. Congratulations.  

Bring Your Own Stash

Sadly, the rest of the world cannot accomodate your dietary needs. Most establishments will not be able to provide your needs or it will be pricey-- I learned the hard way >__<

It pays (or saves) to have  ready--to-eat meals and snacks when you go outside.

Yes, that means you need to cook or have someone do it for you

Go Hulk

When I started, I was infinitely tired and suddenly had so much anger to manage. Express it. Throw dagger stares or snarl (when you're out of their vision range or our of earshot :P) Find a way to channel it. 

This is a point where it is crucial to isolate accordingly and stay with a few people who understand why your moods have gone haywire and will still talk to you after this entire ordeal. 

If You Must Cheat, Make Deliberate, Forgivable Sins 

Define your not-so-deadly-cheatlist and leave it on days when you are at the edge. I cheat. When I feel like keeling over or charging somebody, I give myself a small break (oh. don't tell my trainer :p). It could be a fistful of grapes or berries, coconut water or a small piece of 70% dark chocolate--ask your trainer what you can munch on especially when you're feeling faint. 

ripe mango, dried cranberries in plain yoghurt  and drizzled with 70% dark chocolate. Not as sinful but just as happiness inducing.

Don't Think Pounds

What do you see in the long run?

It is depressing, to see you aren't losing weight in pounds. It's worse when you lose less and less each week. Guess what? It'll always be that way. Look past that. Do you stand better? Do your clothes fit more? Do you have better stamina? Those are other telltale signs that you're improving your health--and if that's not a part of your reasons for dieting, you may want to reassess why you're doing it in the first place.

Food, Work Out and A Lot of Willpower

Mostly willpower. It's all about learning to understand delayed gratification--which is ridiculous as my generation is known to have a taste for instant gratification. Even with all that stereotype, keep going, soldier on and sooner or later, plateau will get tired of you. In the words of Dory "just keep swimming"

But I can't swim. So I keep going. Maybe I'll get there one day.

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