What I Need to Look for in a Husband

6:44 PM

I decided to drop by the wet and dry market nearby to see what's good and cheap to eat. I was able to get a good deal with some ripe mangoes and grapes that would go well with some yogurt and cheese.

And then there's this

it's staring into my soul @_@

I have been staring at it for a while now.

I vaguely remember what to do with it or which ingredients go well with it,  there's just one teensy bit of detail that prevents me from doing anything

IT'S & #=) @% ALIVE!

How am I supposed to kill it and then have a good night's sleep?!

This drove me to the realization that if I should marry, he/she must know how to kill livestock. I can't. I just can't! The billboard on the way to work says "people who hurt animals are just getting started" --oh wait. Dammit. He'll be an exception then. As long as it's swift and does not include dogs.

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