A Chocoholic's Withdrawal

2:43 PM

Chocolate is the happiest thing in the world.

 Boo :<

I've been meaning to lose weight for the longest time (aren't we all?). My motivations were purely to help my already crooked back from carrying more weight, which proved to be an insufficient reason until recently.

A knee sprain (and some traveling) finally got me off my sagging behind and began a healthier routine. As my physical activities were limited by my complaining meniscus, I had to lose weight by adjusting my diet first. This way I can also lessen the stress on my knee when I do start working out.

I meant to write about which dishes challenged me the most during the course of the program (I'm talking about you, fish) but I thought I'd start with the crazy hurricane you plunge into as you begin to detoxify and pay up for refusing to burn and hoarding all that carb.
I don't believe we've met, Lechon.

My meal plan was provided by a colleague/body builder/sculptor, exercises from my juggernaut brother and wallclimber friend, and other tips from healthy, fit friends. For someone who has so many healthy people around, I'm still wondering why I succumbed to the dark side (rebelling keeps you aliiiive! XD)
See how the images don't make sense anymore?

The artery-clogging-bad-food-withrawal is like PMS minus the bloating.
Everything makes it a point to go wrong. The air conditioning isn't cold enough, the fan isn't the type of cold you need. Suddenly the unmistakable urge to punch someone in the face fills you. You want blood and tears from the most irritating person in the room. Vengeance must be claimed for all those days that person invaded your personal space like you were friends, laughed at your jokes, or tried to initiate a high five at the most inappropriate time (STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN. IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN). Your knuckles tingle, you bit your lip in an attempt to suppress the perfectly rational hatred loathing you feel for that person or if you're alone, that chair for not standing straight enough.

Your head swims in brief intervals, robbing you of any intelligence you have left. "what was I thinking?" "I need to say this but my body isn't trained for that". Inefficiency pisses you off like Dr. House pissed-off-I-will-smite-you-pissed-off. The fact that you're inefficient pisses you off.

Just to be clear, my diet's safe, I'm just being overtly dramatic, I'm not even craving for sugar anymore. I'm just feeling really riled up for the simplest (but perfectly called for) reasons.

I don't usually care for things like these, I'm just out of sugar. I really want to throw that punch in someone's face, or maybe my mug. No, it has coffee. We still have coffee. We'll be just fine.

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