New Year's Resolution-Friendly Grocery List

11:37 AM

I always celebrate an extra week of holidays, maybe two. Call it a buffer, excess holiday cheer or leftover food --which I think I all have.

That and because my birthday falls exactly a week after New Years and two weeks after Christmas. Yes, that means I usually get 2-in-1 gifts. boohoo.

It has been a year since I began living with my brother in the city. We haven't really cooked much and the food is almost always one of the four:  horrible/laced with too much MSG/unhealthy/expensive. So, if your new year's resolution involves eating healthy, losing weight, getting fit or something along those lines, good food is of paramount importance. You have two options, hire someone to provide you good food or make your own. As my paycheck does not allow for the first option, I am left with the latter.

Here's my go-to grocery list. Whether my budget is around 500,1000 or more, here are some staple items I usually choose from. What I usually do is build on these basic ingredients with whatever I feel like eating---or just stick to them if I'm too lazy to do anything (which is usually the case)

Long Shelf life
Whole Wheat Pasta
Black Rice [pilaf, fried rice, porridge, champorado! <3]
Whole Rolled Oats
Canned Tuna [sub, pasta]
Bottled Olives [To get into adult establishments when you don't have an ID]

Medium Shelf Life
My brother has recently started avoiding eating beef and pork. This is why I take so much pleasure in making him eat beef without him knowing then quoting the vegan police "no vegan diet, no vegan powers!"

Chicken Breast Fillet
Cream Dory
Fresh eggs


I only buy (or at least try) these good when I'm sure I will use them over the week.

Bell peppers
Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes

Snack options
When cravings call, these snack items can help you from burying your face on the nearest cake.

Mixed nuts and dried fruits
Lemons [for lemon water]

I'm not particularly looking forward to the cravings and grumpiness. Catching the flu last week wasn't very helpful either but hey, good luck to us! Oh fries :|

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