Excited to Welcome the Lunar Year Later!

1:15 PM

If I remember correctly, my mother is of Spanish-Chinese descent. It wasn't strong enough to faithfully stick with Chinese traditions but she still believes in superstitions and other rituals that promise to bring her luck.

I never really had the chance to witness what it's really like to see how the Lunar Year is to be celebrated, until today. I'm excited to see the festivities first hand. And the FOOD O__O

What really convinced me to go was our trip to China Town two weekends ago. I had a "preview" of what to expect, thanks to the weekend food market in Lucky Chinatown Walk.
Nudol partiiii!

Wandering the stalls with a blurry camera
Grilled oysters waiting to be sprinkled with garlic, spring onion and a special sauce

There's not really much to say but "I can't wait till work finishes". It sucks that I have work tomorrow
 (boo! :| ) but hey, I still get to celebrate with friends, so that shouldn't be that bad. (No, it IS bad, I'm just trying to psyche myself--it's not working to my advantage)

Here's hoping to get good food, good photos and a helluva good time. OH and chestnuts. Lots and lots of chestnuts.

 Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chef Kuno
My pretend LDR as I was having an affair with Soy

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