Chocolate Fire: A Remedy for a Cold, Windy Day

2:26 PM

Is it me or has everybody plunged into an all out war with getting up early or taking a bath without the aid of hot water?

It doesn't help that it is the first second day of the week *groans*

I know I've no right to complain because there are places in the world that are redefining winter like they upset Queen Elsa big time. But for someone who's used to summers reaching 40C, this weather is already freezing. That, and I'm not too fond of the cold.

And the remedy for cold is fire.
Chocolate Fire

This little haven of goodies stands between the streets of Leviste and Rufino  in Makati. I remember passing by the just-opened store years ago and the scent of chocolate would waft on the streets, inviting any innocent passerby who drew too close.

Fast forward to the present. Chocolate fire has remained my go-to place if I need to calm myself or if I need a serving of happiness. For today, it was because I needed a mug-full of firey chocolatey goodness.

I ordered A chocolate dipped Pringle and a mug of hot dark chocolate with whip cream and chili. Yes, the way the Mayans made it 2000 years ago--sans the ceramic mug and fancy upholstery.


The chocolate dipped Pringle was okay. It was difficult to hit gold with a salty-sweet combination--but then again, it's hard to mess up good chocolate. And since I am 'trying'  to be disciplined with what's left on the pay check, the strawberries dipped in chocolate and barks will have to wait.

at 15php per piece, this little delicacy isn't so bad.
The real reason I go here is for their Australian hot chocolate. You can opt for milk, dark or white chocolate. Then go crazy with add ons.
Australian Dark Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream and chili, 170php
I have yet to try out their savory section, perhaps it's because I'm obsessed with the idea of the chocolaterie and Johnny Depp walking into the store like a scene from Chocolat. Yes, okay, I'll stop now.

I hope that whatever part of the world you're in, you find warmth, even if it's in the smallest of measures.

Warm hugs,
Chef Kuno

Chocolate Fire
PDCP Building, Corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines, 1227

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