After The Twelve Has Gone: What To Do With Leftover Fruits from New Year

1:38 AM

"They only wanted your twelveness"
After New Years, who really likes eating a lot of leftover fruits?

My mother was an avid believer of the "12 round fruits" that was supposed to bring about luck for the 12 months ahead, so as a kid, every year we had them beautifully laid on the table, only to be forgotten the next day. I have nothing against upholding tradition, I do however, have something against food wastage.

But before you turn your surplus of fruits into the usual buko salad (please don't :< ) I have another idea where you can change the fate of your new year decorations.

It's not too far from your typical fruit salad but I have a feeling your New Year's resolution called "dieting" will agree more with this alternative. That and it goes well with red wine.

Here's what you need:

Your surviving New Year's fruits. Leave lemons, calamamsi and tomatoes out of this.

Shredded (or crumbled) cheese of choice. We were feeling a little luxurious today so we used Emmental. You can also try using mozzarella, Kesong Puti, Cheddar, Parmesan  Gouda or Edam (yes, your queso de bola)

Plain yogurt and some leftover nuts. I forgot to take a photo (no,  I was just lazy)

What to do:

Wash, peel, cut, sort and throw away the parts that have gone bad. 

If you are going to add oranges or tangerine, just peel it. The burst of citrus is refreshing as it contrasts the other flavors in your fruit bowl

Throw it in a bowl, add a dollop of yogurt,  cheese and nuts if you have some. 

Tadaaa! A guilt-free snack!  Well maybe not totally guilt free but it feels good not to throw all those fruits away. Sorry,  the photos all came from my phone. Have a good weekend! I am overly dreading Monday. Oh life.

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