I'm Allergic to Turkey, But Thank You for Making My Life Awesome. A Thanksgiving List

7:45 PM

As the year quickly comes to an end and turkeys are mercilessly slaughtered everywhere, now is the best time to to look back and appreciate all the things that have made our existence worth a second run. In short: I'm allergic to turkey, but thank you for making my life awesome (No, not you, Mr. Turkey. Look! They bought cranberry!)

I know I have been neglecting my blog for a while, and it has happened more than once but, let's fight about that another day, shall we?

For this year, heeeeere is my list of things I'm thankful for:

Sometimes, I'd like to bang my past self's head on concrete for thinking so highly of the present me and taking in lots of things to do. On the other hand, I'm thankful I did. The endless stream of things to do and the increasing sleep debt I needed to pay off brought about clarity. It revealed the things I truly loved and cherished, which ones are pure BS and no matter how fluttery they claim themselves to be, deserves little time and effort from me.
Let's just try not to kill ourselves next time hmkaaay?

Highly Advanced Hangul Classmates.
I recently took a Korean Language class because it was the only one I could afford and I was very attracted to 김붕도 at the time. Mortified that everyone in the class was at least 4 levels above me, it was inspiring to catch up. I was at my happiest when the letters started making sense and amused when the words began to do the same. Only goes to show that no language is truly ever foreign. That, and you guys (and our 선생님) are really awesome.

Those friends who chose me despite my poor social skills.
I suck at maintaining friendships. That is an understatement. Really, what were you thinking? I am not the best person in expressing how special certain people are and am HORRIBLE in keeping appointments, attending birthdays or evening cocktails. I would question why you are subjecting yourself to such things but today, I'm just glad I met you. I love you.

My blog isn't marketable.
Maybe that statement is a little wrong. I don't need to market my blog (maybe not the same way I do with work). As someone who makes a living out of marketing and making things more appealing to an unsuspecting public, I am overjoyed--wait I will stop myself before I start marketing. My blog doesn't need it to live.

The two men in my life that I constantly badger with rhetorical questions and force feed experimental dishes.
Hooray for you! Don't make me call out your names, it's far too cheesy for my pretend personality. Oh yeah and I'm waiting for your old-old-old post. XD

The immortal basils in the veranda
I don't know how you managed to not die. Thank you for all the pesto, even if you've made the veranda a  crazy forest.

I think, now is a great time to look back and see how the year went. It may not always be as we hoped it would, but hey, where's the fun in excluding surprises? There are still many things that make life bleak but today, let us remember the seemingly little beacons of light that keeps us going. Maybe, even in the littlest of ways, we could be beacons for others too.

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