The Filipino Delicacy that is Rosquillos

12:40 PM

It's been a while since my last update. I've been utterly fascinated and derailed by one of my other blogs, The First Few Pages (Yes, I have too many blogs for my own good). That and while we are waiting for  my brother's entry (which he assured me is STILL brewing in his tummy), I couldn't help but share a wonderful discovery.

The crisps and delights of Cebu's Rosquillos.

It is almost shameful to admit that I have never tasted this delicacy until an office mate asked another colleague to bring some from one of her trips to Cebu.What's more shameful is how I singlehandedly finished her stash without even noticing it. Okay, I probably noticed it, I just didn't have enough self restraint to stop myself.

The century-old rounded biscuit was born sometime during 1907. Margarita "Titay" Francisco created these delicious ringlet-like biscuits that had the entire town and visitors craving for more.  Baked until golden brown and crispy, these cookies go best with coffee, tea or soda(or on its' own!). The recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next, preserving a yummy family tradition.

Today, the rosquillos has become a national delicacy sold around the country and has become an export favorite

Titaisu liloeoan roseokilyoseo

Even the packaging is labelled in different laguages. I am very to read one for you . AAAnd it says *drumroll* "Titays Liloan Rosquillos" ! My teacher would be very proud. 안녕하세요선생님! Hahaha :3

Well, that's it, I'll go back to dreary ol' Monday. Next time you drop by Cebu, don't forget to pick up a box :)

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