Every Little Bit: Help Out the Victims of Typhoon Maring

4:44 PM

On September 24 of 2009, I lost my home of 21 years to typhoon Ondoy.That home would've been old enough to drink and enter a casino anywhere. It held countless memories both good and bad.

I had lost a home. But I was taught to always seek the good points of any situation or employ "validated learning", as a lean startup model would say (Yes, we've been learning that at work and it's frying my brain. In a bacon-ey, hopefully good way.)

I had a lot of trash.
Yes, a whole LOT of trash.
I was safe.
My family was safe.
My thesis research materials were dry (HOOYEAH!)

This infographic from the Philippine Daily Inquirer summarizes the effects of some of the worst typhoons in Philippine history that affected numerous households. I was lucky to have only been heavily damaged by one.

source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

After the typhoon, the sun came up. Bright and untainted by the clouds that kept it away from the ground. Help came in. Some of them, we didn't even have to ask.

Well, I realized I violated the one of the core ideas of this post which was to keep it short.

Be someone's sun. I realize that it may be precariously compared to a book I would like to NOT be associated with, but hey whatever floats your boat--just don't get onto mine :p I refer to this timeless song to further assist me in the message I'm trying to convey.

I don't have much to give, but I do hope it gets to someone who needs it more than I do. If it helps keep their backs warm even for just a day or a meal unskipped, that would be awesome. Btw, if you're a friend forced to read this, we'll be collecting clothes we can give away on Saturday. Feel free to tag along, should be fun :)

Looking to be someone's sun? here's where you can send them:

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