Dark Chocolates for A Special Girl: A Sweet Experiment

1:01 AM

After tasting some of the mendiants, my friend Yves thought it was a good idea to send some for his girlfriend who is currently working in Singapore (yes! somebody thinks it tastes goood!).

I've only been in a long term relationship for a short while and it was beyond difficult! Requires a lot of effort and an insane amount of trust if anybody wants it to work. So kudos to the two of you <3

So today, to make the treat sweeter, Yves will be the one doing the chocolatey task.
here's the recipe for the mendiant.

he's really just showing off the flushed biceps from his training with Jan.

hu-hu they're so pretty! I'm so proud.


We were fortunate to stumble upon an apple vendor on the way home. So, we've tried making chocolate covered apples. We were going to send some over to Sg but we were worried the travel will mess it up, so we'll do it when Lyka comes home instead ;)

It's all chopped apples dipped in melted 58% dark chocolate
Some fancy lighting from an iPhone.
Allow to set (if you can wait for it)

You know you have tempered your chocolate well if, by the time it sets (if you had the power ot wait) there is a crisp break from the chocolate as your moth mangles it. It's also very shiny and gives off a heavenly feel as it melts in your mouth.

I really believe it's the stories behind the dishes that make it memorable and worth recreating. Unless Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver cooking for you, then you can screw literature.

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