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3:29 PM

Yes. I've asked myself a million times if it was a good idea to bring another mad scientist in the picture. I won't tell you the answer but here he is! Kuya Jan (yes, he's older), as his title so aptly describes him, 

When we were a lot younger, I cooked some horrible chicken a la king which he ate with so much gusto. After that, I told myself that I wanted to be a better cook. (Yes, Jan, you can squirm and barf now. *Insert evil laugh*)

Today, I live with him and have countless misadventures in living in the city without adult supervision. Some mishaps too severe, that I can never disclose them to an unsuspecting public. The best of those adventures revolve around discovering and rediscovering food, getting in shape, watching cheesy flicks and an endless supply of English comedy.

There are days when he makes an awesome herbed pan fried dory, others a massacred PB&J. Very promising, yes? Plus, he agreed to the bloody ginataan for Halloween. 

He'll be providing the discipline and the healthy alternatives--or equally crazy dishes to this blog. Look out for it!

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