Pili + Danggit = A Fusion of Bicol and Cebu in a Pasta Plate

2:55 PM

Linguine with basil-pili pesto, peppers, roasted tomatoes, mushroom and crunchy danggit

In the previous post, I've successfully blended a basil-pili pesto without causing any explosion or injury--- mostly because juggernaut brother handled the pili nut cracking. So to put that to good use, I took some of the Danggit my brother brought from Cebu and made some pasta for lunch.

Sound good? Here's what you need for a giant serving for 2 (serves about 3-4 normal persons)
mis en place - basil pili pesto pasta - chef kuno
peppers.peppers.peppers. I love bellpeppers.

2 medium sized tomatoes, chopped
1 medium sized green bell pepper, julienned
a can of button mushrooms, about 200-250 grams 
1-2 cloves garlic
1 1/2 tbsp pili-basil pesto (recipe over here!)  
1 tbsp canola oil
1 tbsp virgin olive oil
S&P to taste

Yes, two types of oil. Use Canola for crunchy-fying danggit (any dried fish you have at hand will do), as olive oil has a significantly lower burning/smoking temperature. Put simply, you burn your olive oil, you lose it's health benefits and pretty much destroy the taste. That's why EVOO should be used in dishes with minimal to no cooking time like your salad. Same reason why you should use ghee instead of just butter as the milk part burns quite quickly.
Dried danggit from Cebu - Chef Kuno
I used shears to cut them stubborn little fishies before throwing them in the pan.
  • Toast the danggit in canola oil and set aside to allow them to become crispy. 
  • Boil water, add salt and oil, cook pasta. Why linguine? That's what the cupboard dictated.
  • Saute tomato, mushroom, garlic, pepper.
  • Add a dash of chili powder, S&P, careful in adding salt, taking into consideration that your dried fish will add some saltiness to the dish
  • Drain pasta. I'm inserting this now rather than later so you don't forget like I did in many countless occasions 
  • Add pesto. Not in the pasta, in your sauteed masterpiece. 
  • Add toasted dried fish, pasta. Toss
  • Taste :3 add S&P if necessary

Basil-Pili Pesto
the basil pili pesto from last time kept well in the fridge. This is the fresh version. :p
Toss. Toss. Toss and serve.

Finished product - Linguine with basil pili pesto
A quick dish that's hard to mess up
I love how the flavors complemented each other(yes, I haven't tried doing this before). The crisp danggit and earthy, herby pesto fused as I hope it would and smelled terrific. I initially chose linguine because that's what we had in stock, but it did great in soaking up all that pesto goodness.

Now to drag my ass to do some P90x-in. Ugh >_<

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