Just Keep Running.

11:33 AM

Yesterday was a bit of a "Doris" experience. I haven't been in shape for the longest time. Running felt like carrying tubs of jiggly weights and a goblin on my shoulder.

It hardly grazed the depths of an "intense workout" and yet, 18 hours later, my entire body is on strike and will not accept instructions to move, at least not with considerable pain attached to the action.

Not exactly a cooking tutorial and probably not as motivating as I'd hope it would. I'm not exactly the most diligent person when it comes to working out--I start then stop then start again. Maybe that's not so bad. I can keep starting and stopping until the intervals are close enough to be called continuous.

The only motivation I have for working out is so that I can eat as much as I want, maybe that's enough to keep me going. Looking for the more motivated health buff? talk to my juggernaut accountant brother.

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