Happy Food Revolution Day!

1:15 PM

A couple of years back, some bloke delivering a Ted talk, spoke of how every child should know how to cook  a handful of dishes to save their lives. To teach them how important it is to know what is inside the junk they’re being force fed and why they should demand healthier options.

I couldn’t agree more and I’ve never looked at a chef with so much respect.  

As kids we (yes, me and my juggernaut brother) were taught the value of putting good food at the top most level of our hierarchy of wants (not just needs but wants). Now that I am working in the corporate world, I realize how a little culinary knowledge goes a long way. 

So today, I encourage everyone to join the Food Revolution Day. Share recipes and lessons learned from the kitchen to friends and family. Keep it good, keep it healthy.

In a later post, I will be sharing my dad’s Tinola soup. A type of ginger soup with chayote, moringa or chili leaves and some type of meat. It is a common dish in Filipino households. I haven’t confirmed if it’s good for the soul, but I do know it works magic in soothing a sore throat.

sorry for the awful looking photo XD

TGIFood Revolution Day. Be a spark, start the movement :D

to more heartbeats <3,
Chef Kuno

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