Subway for the Thin-Walleted

12:51 PM

I had a few dishes in mind for this year's Holy Week but as many of you know (by many I mean, you are most likely a bored friend who stumbled upon my blog) the entire week was dedicated to taking care of someone who was in the hospital. Not that I regret it, I had fun--it was absolutely tiring but I wouldn't have spent it any other way. (Hi hun! I think the Incredible Burt Wonderstone is still showing and I don't have money :p)

This week, I stumbled across a tweet for a Subway melt
Ohai Rikku!

As this person is someone I've been missing dearly, I thought it would be a good time to try and practice making my own version of a subway melt. A cheaper, lazier, less meaty version. We'll do the meaty, hearty version when you visit my place and when my wallet's fatter :D


To make a Cheapo Tuna Sub for two, here's what you'll need:

1 baguette
1 canned tuna, drained (or any other meat products you have)
4 pieces Romaine lettuce
Half a cucumber, sliced
2 medium sized tomatoes
Olives, pitted
Salt & Pepper to taste

To make it:

Cut baguette in half and grill (a serving turned out to be more than a foot long 8D)
While hot, place as much cheese as you please
Add and assemble the rest of your veggies and tuna
Avoid dropping sweat onto dish
Top with mustard or ketchup
Season with S&P

The serving was enough for a heavy dinner for two. Me and my brother had fun consuming it while making fun of the last Resident Evil movie and admiring how good Leon looked in RE 6.

Next week, i'll try to get something else done other than tuna. Just as soon as I get to unpack all the kitchen stuff in the new apartment--which is close to impossible.


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