First Stop Herb Garden. Next, Poison Ivy-esque Powers

9:34 PM

Because giving away a cat is too mainstream, I'm giving away a basil plant! - well, basil plants.

Last February, I had the chance to test if I had a green thumb or not (the results are not in yet). In an attempt to bring my herb garden fantasies to life, I brought materials for a mini-mini-mini urban farm.
Armed with only store-bought seeds of basil, cilantro and rosemary, I stormed the local gardening store to acquire some cheap potting materials.

I bought three 6inch plastic pots and some smaller pots because they were cute.

Yes, I planted in the evening because I couldn't wait 'till the sun was open for business.

Yes, I was an over excited farmer. I checked it every couple of hours, each time adding more and more anxiety to my peer-pressured thumbs.

In less than 72 hours, small sprouts began to appear above the soil. A few weeks later, there was a healthy growth of basil, cilantro, but no rosemary :( I think it might be too hot for the seeds to germinate or the seeds I got were fake, or my thumb is not green enough.

Moving on from the herb-that-was-too-good-for-me, I had bigger problems: I had planted too many basil plants and an all-basil isn't diet due until the year after next. Other than that, these babies needed space and nutrients grow properly and fragrantly.

It felt bad but I had to re-pot them and are adapting to their new pots famously.

Yes, crappy photos. I was too lazy to wait for the camera's batteries to charge. Will post better pictures. :D

Happy basilico parent,
Chef kuno

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