I Dream of Crispy, Crunchy Delights of Edible Goodies of ANY Kind.

10:06 AM

Definitely unappetizing, stomach churning and downright gross

That was my last wisdom tooth who decided to be a tad worse than PMS and thought it was funny to try to be impacted to force me to lose weight (toothie didn't realize that is already my brother's job)

After a week of sadistic torture every time i try to nibble on something, i finally decided to part ways with it. I hated the stitches and the fact that I'm not allowed to eat anything solid for days. But more importantly, it made me see how much I love eating (don't we all?) and the many things I would love to feast on, once my gums are in better shape.

Like the new site, (i know, horrible choice for a simile) I'll be stitching a couple of this and that, and soon will be able to sink its teeth into literally anything.

For now, eat to your heart's content after looking at my blue, appetite-inducing tooth. I envy you.

Suggestions for site improvements are welcome - I can only pay you with sushi though.

Hungry and Quite Delusional,

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